About Us

After 40 years in the currency exchange market, Sr. Carlos Roberto Abrão has achieved a successful career. Thus sucess undoubtfully is due to its trustworthy and transparent ethics applied to business, qualities that are recognized by a variety of clients who have trusted its good services and accurate orientation.

To build up an over lasting business relationship , there's a needs to be a lot of commitment to quality. Consequently, he has managed to build strong bonds with clients or businesses.

Another crucial factor for the sucess of the company is their talented staff that is formed by graduated, experienced and dynamic people who have a lot of experience in the cambio market, who aim strategically at businees , thus, becaming predecessors of Visão Equipe Abrão de Negócios, providing good service to its clients who are its biggest asset .

One of his technics is to invests constantly in improving technical knowledge, being updated when it comes to Circulating memos, Resolutions and Laws concerning the regulations  of the Brazilian currency exchange market.

Abrão Filho Câmbio e Capitais Internacionais was created in order to fulfill a huge need faced in the Currency Exchange Market, this demand was caused by physical person. Whereas most financial services and companies focus on coorporative businesses, Abrão Filho aims at helping and intermediating the operations accomplished by physical person abroad. 

Idealized by its ancestor Leonardo Abrão, son of Sr. Carlos Roberto Abrão,  unlike the remaining companies who are in the same field, Abrão Filho Câmbio e Capitais Internacionais outstands for providing a broad and personalized service, it goes beyond conventional intermediating currency exchange activities, focusing on making specific currency exchange operations feasiable, and also their tributary and legal consequences.

All these factors together have made Abrão Filho Câmbio e Capitais Internacionais become a reference , once their service is applied to "Private Exchange", has allowed it to have an outstanding position in the country and abroad.

Our mission
 To offer dynamic and fast service to fulfill the individual needs of each cliente;
 To be a synonim of quality, éthics and responsability, besides being a company that focus completely on transparency and its commitment to excellence.

Our vision
Being ahead in the cambio segment, especializing in the capacity of uniting staff in constant improvement that compose its structure, the most modern sector. Strategic vision and future.

Our values
Accomplishing and respecting all the quality, security and support to guarantee well being, satiisfaction and good care of our clients.
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