Art Auctions and International Exhibts

Abrão Filho Câmbio e Capitais Internacionais has a specific forex work to projects with MINC, and has acquired the “Know-how” to provide international payment consultancy to cultural companies, foundations, museums and trustees, working too with individuals on the purchase or sale in the international art market.

Some  Payment Services Provided

 Copyrights of art work/audiovisual/performances and cultural artifacts in general;
 Registration of loans and tangible assets (sculpture, pictures and works in general);
 Prizes granted in exhibts, fairs or cultural competitions;
 Rentals of space or stands in fairs and exhibts;
 Rentals of movies or sound works;
 Subscriptions to magazines and newspapers;
 Costs from international trips aiming at cultural prestige, prizes and respresentation.

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