Bureau de Change

The Abrão Filho as the largest exchange correspondent in Brazil, and aiming meet a growing and strong demand, manages and operates the largest search engine for currency exchange Tourism in Brazil - Cambiar.com.br. It is an online search engine focused on the acquisition of foreign currency and international prepaid cards for tourists and domestic and foreign travelers, through a secure and efficient online system.

The Cambiar.com.br is an innovative tool, where the end customer has the result of financial institutions quotations that Abrão Filho keeps exchange correspondence agreement , costs and delivery terms / specific withdrawal by square and currency. In addition to checking the price, the customer performs a registration with basic data prepared by all financial institutions, and ultimately provide an online account where you can effect, change or cancel their orders for foreign currency.

The Cambiar.com.br intermediates the final customer registration with the financial institution, the formalization of the purchase order between the parties, delivery conditions and compensation of the tourism exchange payment by the customer, and delivery or withdrawal of foreign currency by the financial institution.
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