Foreign Exchange Management

In view of the new foreign exchange regulation approved by the Central Bank of Brazil , through provision of Circular Letters 3,691 , 3,690 , 3,689 and 3,688 , which directly impact the Brazilian exchange market , classification codes , international capital and the covenant of reciprocal payments and credits at this order. In addition, the Brazilian still , the recent systematic systemic declaration of shipments and receipts of intangibles that produce variation in equity makers or service providers forex market as well as those required by the legal matters of the Federal Revenue of Brazil tax matters , and " SISCOSERV " make the forex market a niche tied to various standardized materials and arranged by different authorities and legal responsibilities chain.

Therefore, Abrão Filho Câmbio e Capitais Internacionais provides specific support Exchange Management with related that the client has a broad and general overview of the possibilities of frameworks are best suited to their operations.

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