Central Bank & Banking

The procedural action by the Central Bank of Brazil for the establishment of financial institutions on national soil, as well as representative offices of foreign financial institutions in Brazil, and the opening and relationship management at multiple banks to international financial transactions are part of the expertise Abrão Filho.
The service carried out following legal regulations of the Central Bank of Brazil, along the bank financial institutions authorized to operate in the Brazilian foreign exchange market.

Constitution REP OFFICE Foreign Financial Institution

Resolution No. 2592 of February 25, 1999 legislative and Circular No. 2943 of October 20, 1999 established the procedures for installing and operating offices in the country, financial or similar institutions abroad.

The Abrão Filho provides technical / legal support and plays all the procedural action to claim the same.

CCME - Current Account in Foreign Currency

Decree No. 42820 of December 16, 1957 institute the current account in foreign currency in the country and the circular letter 3691 of December 16, 2013 prepared by the Central Bank of Brazil establishes procedures and conditions for setting up a bank account in foreign currency companies, international institutions and specialized agencies.

Abrão Filho acts with the constitution and management of CCME for parties below authorized below:

♦ Travel Agency and Travel Services Providers
♦ Embassies, Foreign Legations and International Organizations
♦ Insurance Companies, Reinsurers and Brokers of Reinsurance
♦ Residents Conveyors, Domiciled or Headquartered Abroad
♦ Foreigners transitional basis in Brazil and Brazilian residents and domiciled abroad.

CDE - Account To Foreign Residents 

The decree 55762/1965 regulated the 4131 law 1962 and the Circular Letter No. 2677 of April 10, 1996 prepared by the Central Bank of Brazil has established procedures and conditions for setting up accounts in national currency (Brazilian Real) detained by individuals or legal headquartered abroad.

The Abrão FIlho provides all support for relationship of opening and managing the account of the non-resident client with the authorized Brazilian banks and have the said product.
Contact by email atendimento@abraofilho.com.br and learn more.
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