Foreign Capital Census in Brazil

Standardization: Central Bank of Brazil

National Monetary Council Resolution 4104 of 28.06.2013

Central Bank of Brazil Legal Dispositive 3602, 25 .02.2012

The Census of foreign capital in the country (Census) aims to collect information about the external liabilities of the country, which includes, among others, foreign direct investment and foreign debt instruments. The data collected in the Census allow the Central Bank to compile statistics and assist the formulation of economic policy. The aggregate disclosure of results helps, too, the activities of economic researchers and international organizations.

Shall state the legal entities, including investment funds, resident in Brazil, that on December 31 of each base year met any of the criteria below:

I.  had shareholders' equity of not less than $ 100 million (one hundred million) and simultaneously direct participation in any amount, nonresidents in its capital;
II. had outstanding balance less than $ 10 million (ten million) in short-term credit (payable within 360 days) granted by non-residents, regardless of foreign participation in their capital.
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