Imports and Exports

Regarding the foreign market, the interdependence and synergy between countries is increasing, thus being the flow of goods between Brazil and other countries can only grow, both in goods (exports), and the inflow of goods (imports). The Brazil being a major exporter of raw materials and primary inputs, however, be a major importer of finished and processed products.

The Abrão Filho Câmbio e Capitais Internacionais meets the basic steps from the trade , such as obtaining Radar (individual / Corporate), the ordinary, limited, restricted and special arrangements in the case of micro and small importers and exporters, due to exchange technical advice framework for operations and sending or even receiving international remittances.

The basic import rules, both for individuals and for corporations such as:
 Pay to View;
 Payment Term;
 SIMPLIM – Import Simplified.

The basic procedures for export, both for individuals and legal entities are:
 Receipt of Short-Term Export;
 Receipt of Long Term Export;
 Receiving Merchandise with Embedded;
 SIMPLEX – Simplified Export;

The Abrão Filho Câmbio e Capitais Internacionais operates more significantly in price and reconciliation of credit lines to promote the import and export as below:

 FINIMP – Import Financing;
 Quotation cost of accepted international letter of credit.

 ACE- Advance on Export Contracts;
 ACC – Advances on Exchange Contracts;
 Lines linked credit programs of the BNDES.

The Abrão Filho Câmbio e Capitais Internacionais operates in structured transactions, such as conversions, and also in alignment accounts "receivable" and "paying" between companies inter company and non company via symbolic exchange contracts simultaneously.
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