Integration of Goods and Capital

Sending and receiving amounts with the objective of entering markets, and deploying and connecting assets and capital has become more common each day not only in Brazil but also abroad. 

Abrão Filho Câmbio e Capitais Internacionais aims at helping to obtain all registrations needed for financial international payments and assisting with operational strategies to deal with Foreigner capital in Brazil.

Basic registration:

 Receptor national registration and foreign investor in Sisbacen (System of Banco Central Do Brasil).

CNPJ of Foreigners
 Providing CNPJ of foreigners to non-resident investors.

 Registration in Sisbacen connection between the national receiver and non- resident investor .

RDE – Registro Declaratório Eletrônico/ ROF – Registration of Financial Operation
 External loans
 Renewal; Refinancing; Assumption; Renegotiation and Extension of the operations
 Debt assumption
 Leasing transactions ; Simple lease ; Rent and charter
 Financing and Exporting
 Antecipated receipt of exportation

RDE – Registro Declaratório Eletrônico/ IED – Investimento Externo Direto
 Damage coverage
 Increase/Decrease of Capital
 Transfer in reais
 Several capitalizations
 Conference of actions and quotas
 Distribution of profit and dividends
 Constitution; Fusion; Cisão; Extinction; Incoorporation;
 Interest over Own capital
 Exchange and Conferences
 Subscription/Integralization of Capital

For further information about the necessary documents contact Abrão Filho Câmbio e Capitais Internacionais –
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