Private Exchange

The Private Exchange is a currency exchange and remittance service, a pioneering segment played by Abrão Filho, a qualified and personal service where individuals have financial needs linked the relation Abroad x Brazil have all the necessary support. This support meets the unique demands and often is impeded by adverse issues and unnecessary bureaucracy, such as:

Brazilian residents

purchasing property abroad , or even selling property in Brazil for non-residents; 
Import of luxury goods and collectibles target; 
acquisition or disposal of rights in international art market;
Handling of Brazilian Capital in the bond market and foreign values; 
Bequests , Donations , Rewards membership to receive contributions or to send abroad; 
Payments or receipts of fees and wages , sending or receiving from overseas.

Non Residents

Getting Non Resident NIF/Tax ID
Opening of Current Account in Brazil;
Opening of Currecny Exchange Account;
Subscription and Integralization of Foreign Capital in Brazil;
Real Estate Acquisition in Brazil;
Consultancy for employment of capital in real;
Feasibility Return of Capital for Foreign Origin.

All the above points are classified according to arranged by the Central Bank of Brazil forex natures, and aligned with others governamental authorities which rules this specifics transactions.
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